Word of the Day 體健篇

Dodgeball is a fast-paced game where the goal is to eliminate all the players from the opposing team. 躲避球是一種節奏快速的遊戲,目標是將對手隊伍的所有選手淘汰出局。 In dodgeball, you eliminate an opposing player by hitting them with the ball. 在躲避球比賽中,你用球擊中對方的選手讓他們出局。

The girls work very hard, rehearsing their dance routines with their instructor. 這群女孩子很認真和老師排練他們的舞步。 Once they know the moves like the backs of their hands, the girls perform their dance routines in front of their classmates. 一旦他們將舞步練到很熟之後,他們在同學的面前表演。

The students are warming up for gym class by raising their legs up and jumping hurdles. 同學們在體育課抬腿與跨越障礙來熱身。 After warming up, the students will be ready to train harder. 熱身運動後,同學們將準備好進行更努力的訓練。

Ping pong, also known as table tennis, is a fun sport you can play indoors. 乒乓球又稱為桌球,這是一個有趣的室內運動。

Playing ping pong can help you improve your hand-eye coordination. 打桌球可以提升你的手眼協調性。

Judo is a martial art that originated in Japan. 柔道是一種起源於日本的武術。 The students begin judo training by practicing rolls, flips, and cartwheels, and then move on to practicing throws with partners. 學生們通過練習翻滾、空翻和側手翻開始柔道訓練,然後繼續與夥伴一起練摔。

The students try to hit the students with the dodgeball.學生們用躲避球試著擊中學生。 The students line up to face each other for the dodgeball game.學生們排隊面對面為了躲避球比賽。

Track events usually involve running on a track that‘s shaped like an oval. 徑賽通常是在橢圓形跑道上的比賽項目。 Some track events purely involve running, while others require athletes to jump over hurdles or pass batons between teammates. 有些徑賽只是純粹賽跑,然而有些則是需要運動員跳過障礙或者是將接力

The students practice for the dragon boat race. 同學們為龍舟賽做練習。 

The paddlers have to work together to win a dragon boat race. 划槳手必須同心協力才能贏得龍舟賽。