Welcome to Luming Junior High School, Changhua County

Empowering students with education that fosters future competitiveness.

At Luming Junior High School, our dynamic curriculum is designed to nurture well-rounded individuals with a keen sense of self and community. We embrace the power of diverse learning experiences and provide a blend of sports, music, bilingual, international, and cultural education.

Specialized Classes

We offer a specialized sports and music class in each grade level, fostering talent in judo, track and field, and table tennis in our sports class, while cultivating a love for traditional Chinese music and string ensemble in our music class.

Bilingual Education

Our dedication to bilingual education manifests in several ways: We engage in collaborative teaching with foreign instructors through the ETA English Teaching Assistant program. We organize immersive summer English camps, with daily life scenarios and cultural themes. Further, we strengthen students' proficiency in English through various reading courses, speaking competitions, and activities.

International Education

In our commitment to international exposure, we maintain a sister-school relationship with Matsukawa Junior High School in Japan, offering annual video lessons and exchange visits. Through our participation in the ICL International Companion program, our students engage in enriching cultural exchange activities with foreign university students via video calls.

Local Cultural Education

We hold strong roots in our local culture, with our curriculum reflecting the saying, "Lukang Culture has a course, Luming course has a culture". Leveraging the rich cultural heritage of Lukang, we develop local area-based courses that encourage students to understand and appreciate their heritage while sharing it with the world through our international exchange activities.

Join us on our mission to empower students with the knowledge, skills, and perspective they need to flourish in a globalized world. Welcome to Luming Junior High School.

Please reach out to us for any queries or further information.