Word of the Day 音樂

The ukulele is a small musical instrument. 烏克麗麗是很小型的樂器。 All the students play their ukuleles together. 同學們一起彈烏克麗麗。

Percussion means you must strike or hit something to make a sound.打擊樂意味著你必須敲或打某物才能發出聲音。

Many musical instruments are percussion instruments such as the drums, the xylophone, and the yangqin. 很多樂器是打擊樂器,例如鼓、木琴、揚琴等。

Wind intruments are any musical instruments that you blow into to play. 管樂器是您吹奏的任何樂器。

Some examples of wind instruments are the bamboo flute, the sheng, and the suona.  管樂器的一些例子是竹笛、笙和嗩吶。

A plucked string instrument is played by using your fingers to move a string. 彈撥弦樂器是透過用手指移動琴弦來演奏的。

Some examples of plucked string instruments are the guitar, the pipa and the ruan. 


String instruments are any musical instruments that are played with a bow. 弦樂器是用弓演奏的任何樂器。

Some examples of string instuments are the cello and the violin. 弦樂器的一些例子是大提琴和小提琴。

The recorder is the first musical instrument that many students learn. 


You can play many songs on a recorder


The students are carefully handcopying music scores, making sure that every note is copied correctly. 同學們正仔細地抄寫樂譜,以確認每個音符都有抄寫正確。 Handcopying scores may seem tedious, but it will help students better understand musical composition. 抄寫樂譜也許是很繁瑣的工作,但是它可以幫助學生更加了解樂曲。

These students are performing as a choir, meaning a group of vocalists that sing together. 這些學生正在表演,他們是合唱團成員,意思是一群歌手一起唱歌。 In a choir some members have high voices and others have low voices, giving the group a very full sound when they all sing simultaneously. 合唱團當中,有些人唱高音,有些人低音,這樣同時唱的時候有個很完整的音域。

These students have spent a lot of time and effort practicing the piano. 這些學生花了很多時間和精力練習鋼琴。

Some perform solos, meaning they play alone, while others perform duets, which is when two pianists play the piano at the same time. 有些學生表演獨奏,這意味著單獨演奏,而另一些學生表演二重奏,即兩位鋼琴家同時彈奏鋼琴。

The students are practicing playing the guitar in guitar club.學生們正在吉他社練習彈吉他。 In guitar club, the students follow the teacher's instruction to play the guitar. 在吉他社,學生們按照老師的指示彈奏吉他。

An orchestra is a large group of musicians that play music together. 樂團是由一群聚在一起演奏的音樂家所組成的。 

The conductor is conducting the musicians in the orchestra. 這位指揮正在指揮樂團的音樂家演奏音樂。